Sunday, July 12, 2009

PPsP: The official blog.

Welcome to the Poly Postsecret Panel (PPsP) blog, an expansion on the steadily growing Polyvore page.

What is Postsecret?
Postsecret is described as a 'community art project', created by Frank Warren. People can anonymously mail in a postcard, containing a secret, confession, quote - anything they would like share. Postsecret started out as a simple project, but has grown into a national (and global) one. Frank Warren now holds seminars at high schools and colleges, and has had several hundred postcards featured in museams all over the nation.


What is Polyvore?
Polyvore is a website where users are able to create 'sets', or pieces of art, and display them for others to see. Users create art sets, fashion sets, even debate sets.


What is PPsP?
PPsP, or Poly Postsecret Panel, merges these two websites into one. It allows users to send in a secret, anonymously, and watch them be made into a set for others to see. PPsP uses a crushtag for secrets.


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