Monday, July 27, 2009

A little about me:

Hello, I'm one of the PPsP owners, Katie.
On Polyvore I go as Matsumorii.
About me..
Well, I am 17 years old.
I was raised in Chicago, but am moving to Virginia to be with my husband.
He is in the Navy.
Yes, I said husband.
We have a son named Josiah, he is one year old.
I am an artist, and enjoy music very much.
Especially classical, my favorite composer is Rachmoninov.
To me, classical music is a story. A poem without words.
I have experienced a great deal of pain in my life,
and am currently going through a lot of hardship.
My father was recently put in jail.
I was also raised by a deeply, deeply religious mother.
We were raised pentecostal.
I have broken away from that religion,
and am not sure of my views on religion at all.
I may be spiritual, I may not be,
but I hate religion.
I am very firm on my beliefs (not speaking about religion) and political views.
And I will readily defend them if the need arises.
Besides all this 'inner core stuff',
I'm very quiet.
I tend to keep to myself, and will not speak unless spoken to first.
So yeah. That's me.

Feel free to add me on mySpace, just let me know who you are.
And if you ever, ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. (:
Sometimes it's easier talking to a stranger.

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