Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Note: These will be published!


“Today I found out my best friend of 8 years said I was judgmental, rude, and only ever laughs at my own jokes. I hate her.”

“I feel like all my friends are better than me in every single way. And that I can't compare to them.”

“One of my best friends who I've been friends with for ten years started to ignore me.
At times, it hurts.
But my life has never been so drama free.”

“back at home, I had a lot of great close friends. But here at boarding school, the people I consider my best friends I don't think would consider ME one of their best friends.”

“I really believe that I'm losing my friends. We were so close last year, and now it's down to only four of us. And three of the four of us hate my Ex-Best friend. And that friend thinks my current best friend is going to fail out of Highschool. And I think friend #3 is the most annoying, naive person I've ever known. The school year has only just started. I can't go the rest of the year this way.”

“i'm just pissed im losing a friend. i'm just pissed that i said i knew this was going to happen a week before school started. i'm just pissed you told me it wouldnt.
i'm pissed it did.”

“I wish I had real friends.”

“Sometimes i hate my friend. She doesnt understand anything im going through. her life is just about perfect. mine is anything but. she thinks she's above the whole world. she's not. does that mean she's not my friend?”

“my friend thinks she's all that. that she's just so much better than you and me and everyone else. i hate her for it! does that mean im still her friend?”

“I'm afraid of going away to college because I'm afraid of losing my best friend of almost seven years. I don't know if I can live without her.”

“I lost my best friend - I can't fix it though because how can I try and be friends again with someone who hates me for trying to protect her?”

“i secretly wish for a best friend everynight as i fall alseep. i want a best friend like in teh movies,one that will sleep over my house, adn talk about boys with me one i can tell my secrets too. but everytime i call someone my best friend they hurt me...bad. am i just destined to live a life of pain???”

“I have two best friends. One of them hates the other one now. But I'm still friends with her. I feel like she's dissapointed in me.”

“me and my best friend are really close
our family calls us lesbians because we sleep in our underwear in the same bed.... she moved and i really missed her
while she was gone i missed the nights we shared and i started having dreams about her
when she visited she fell asleep but i couldnt, afraid id have another dream about her and shed notice
i dont want to prove our families right, but its becoming really hard to”

“every time i see a secret posted about someone being fed up with their best friend, i think it's my best friend (who showed me polyvore) saying all that about me.”

“I told my best friend that I was unhappy with my life, and felt lonely all the time. She told me that was stupid. THANKS A LOT.I hope she sees this and realizes how much she affected me.”

“When my therapist asked if I had friends to talk to, I started to cry. It made me realize how alone I really am.”

“my friends are total bitches.
i'm so much nicer than all of them. i'm not sure why i'm friends with them.”

“I think it'd be fun to meet my friends on Polyvore in the 'real world.'“

“I think that after six years, my best friend and I are starting to drift apart. I'm pretty sure she's starting to hate me.

And I her.”

“my friends joke about me and call me the 'emo kid' because of my hair and the fact that i used to cut. i wonder how they would feel if i actually killed myself.”

“why do i feel instantly prettier, when my best friend isn't around?”

“my friends make me feel like im eather invisable or on top of the world and i hate being invisible”

“One day my best friend of 4 years slapped me across the face. i thought she was my best friend. now im scared of her.”

“all my polyvore friends have gone away. its only been a few days since the last one went away for a while but I'm going insane and i miss them all so much!! I'm afraid that when they come back they won't PM because they are sick of talking to me”

“This is the third time my friends have dumped me. ONCE was too much.”

“I became friend's with her again. Of course, that's when people start hating her so my other friend's don't wanna be around her, I'm around her a lot because I don't wanna be mean. I just lost all my friend's, and soon her. Thanks a lot, why do you have to be so annoying and a bitch?”

When my friend told me that she cut herself, I was almost happy because she trusted me to not tell anyone. I told, I'm sorry.

“I wish I had a gay best friend.”

“im glad that i have a best guy friend i can tell anything too J”

“my best friend moved. i love my best friend, but her moving forced me to get really close to her other friends, we sort of merged. now im glad shes gone, but i still miss her.
am i an awful person?”

“I dont have any friends, really. It's not my fault I don't tolerate ignorance. I'm just honest and some people don't like that.”

“I'm a slut and i can't believe i have friends...i don't deserve them.”

“When I am with two of my bestfriends, they make me feel like an outsider. They laugh about their inside jokes and just leave me out of everything. But when I am alone with each of them, they are like completly different people. It frustrates me.”

“No one likes me. i have no REAL friends. i thought i had a bff, but she just doesnt hang with me anymore. she just leaves me alone in the dark.

Y does noone care?”

“i feel ugly when i am with my friends.”

“somtimes i get jealous for how much prettier my best friend is than me...even though everyone says we look alike”

“I thought we were friends. Best friends. So why are you treating me this way?”

“She was my best friend, and I miss her so much. It's tearing me apart inside because the school sent her records to my house on accident. Turns out it wasn't an accident they sent it to her dad. MY DAD. We were sisters and nobody told us, & she never knew. She will never know!”

“One of my best friends said I changed after I moved, but I'm the one who became the better person. She's the one who's changed. And I don't think I'll be as close to her ever again.”

“sometimes, you think i care way too much, when other times i dont care enough. your mood swings are killing me, but your my best friend.”

“is it so wrong to have more guy friends than girl friends? stop making me feel quilty.”

“Me and her have been best friends all our lives.
But last year I met a new friend that understands me more, and who I feel I can talk to so much easier.
But I feel bad about my old best friend...
Is it wrong to want to be friends with someone who understands me more?”

“She's hurt me multiple times.
She's lied, she's gone behind my back.
But, for some reason I keep going back.
My heart says that she's still me bestfriend, but my head knows I'm not her's.”

“I don't know who my friends are.
Does this girl genuinely like me?
Or is she pretending?
That girl there hates me. Who else?

What did I ever do wrong?”

“I have an imaginary friend named Riley. I wish wish he was real.”

“I wish I had friends.”

“i have friends, but i've never had a bestfriend.
i desperately want one.”

“Last year I walked out of my old school and never looked back. I came back for a concert last and ran into a few of my old friends. None of them remembered me.”

“my best friend has replaced me with some knock off. i'm planning revenge.”

“Whenever I think about the fact that I will probably never meet my Polyvore friends in real life, I cry.”

“I fell like I can't tell my besties about him any more. They think I'm annoying when I talk about him. The way he looks at me even though we've never talked to each other a day in our life. I wish they didn't make me feel like I have to keep this to myself. I don't want to feel like i have to keep this from them because they hate that I talk about him. THANKS. THANKS A LOT! This is the first time I've been loved back so screw it. I listen to you guys and enjoy your lives. Why can't you do the same for me?”

“I think I'm obsessed with one of my friends. No, not a crush. Just obsessed. It makes me get mad at myself.”


“I want to do a coathanger abortion.... Id rather die of an infection than loose him…”

“i don't have a problem with abortion. and people hate me for that.”

“What's the big deal about abortion?”

“When I had an abortion, I got some kind of twisted plesure thinking that the tiny baby was suffering in pain.
What's wrong with me??”

“I find abortion to be funny.”

“I have some twisted facination with abortion.”


“When I get depressed, I'm no longer hungry, but I eat to fill the void.
If this keeps up, I'm going to become really obese.”

“If I wasn't so hungry all the time, I'd stop eating. Damn growling stomach.”

“Why can't I just stop eating?”

“i think im going to stop eating again. i did it once, and no one ever found out, i wasnt anorexic or anything, i just didnt eat and i felt really good about my self.i want it again.”

“Most of our money goes on food...
Right now we aren't so rich as we used to be because of the financial crisis.
I feel bad for eating so much.”

“my family uses food stamps. i feel so embarassed, even if i'm admitting it anonymously to people who will never know it was me.”

Miley Cyrus

“I want to be on Disney Channel, but I'm not sure, because I don't want to be hated and judged for every little thing like Miley Cyrus is.”

“I know all the Hannah Montana lyrics, and when it comes on, I stay tuned to see if its the old show(where she wasnt a total bag of slut) or the newer ones(where shes a complete whore-face).”


“Hawthorne Heights is my mantra.”

“I think John Mayer is the sexiest guy in the world.”

“I tell everybody that I hate Taylor Swift. But really, I sing along to her whenever i hear her songs played on the radio.”

“Maynard James Keenan. His voice is like an orgasm in my ears, I can get lost in his music for hours on end. I track his band(s) almost obsessively, watch tons of interviews, and dissect his song lyrics like a science student dissects a frog. I think he's my Jesus.”

“I never used to have anyone to call my role-model. When I was little and they asked who my hero was, I wouldn't respond. I have a hero now. I'm afraid to tell anyone though because my friends wouldn't understand.”

“hayley williams is my idol. im so afraid that i'll always be just a fan, and not follow in her footsteps whatsoever. i feel like im not cut out to be anything.”

“When my friends and family aren't around, I blast Fifteen by Taylor Swift.
I absolutely love the song, and nobody knows.”

“Paige from Degrassi gives me confidence.”

“I hate how everyone calls Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen the 'perfect couple.' Tom's a gifted athlete, sure, and Giselle's gorgeous, but if beauty and speed is the hope for the future, where will intellect go?”

“I love Donovan and The Beatles.”

“I'm in love with Kurt Cobain”

“I love having the same birthday as Taylor Swift.
When people on her fan sites wish her a happy birthday, I feel like they're wishing me a happy birthday, too.
They just don't know it.”

“I love everything about Disney. Disney Channel, Disney World, all of it.”

“I know Nick Jonas will never fall in love with me, but i'll dream. Guilty pleasure, much?”

“i seriously hated the jonas brothers but ever since i had a dream about joe holding me in his arms, where he made me feel a love and comfort i've never felt with a guy ever before, i'm secretly in love with them now.”


“One of my best friends is an anorexic cutter. First thing, she hides everything from me, even though I have known her since kindergarden. She feels she is ugly and fat, when she only weighs 60 something, and is 4 eight inches. Then, I went over to her house in the morning, and decided to look on her digital camera. On that camera, she had pictures where her stomach was cut from the hit to her highest rib. Thing that bothers me, she will tell other people about it, some that cut and starve themselves, and others that are just like me, same height size, everything. Its the point, that she says I'm her best friend when she is around me, but on her anorexic polyvore account, she doesn't even mention me and mentions her friends that cut and starve themselves. That makes me feel very unimportant. Now, I just want her out of my life since I'm basically out of hers. Any help?”

“My best friend is bulimic, and my other friend doesn't understand how serious it is. She says its 'just a phase'. I wish.”

“sometimes i think about becoming anorexic.
just so i'd feel beautiful.”

“Sometimes when I starve myself I get so sick that my head hurts, I feel like I'm gonna throw up, my hands turn cold, my face turns pale, and even sometimes I faint from it. I know, I'm screwed up.”



“Earlier I was thinking about Christianity. I began thinking how silly it was to worship a being who may not even be real, even though I'm Christian. I may be becoming an Atheist. I want to believe in God...
I'm scared, please help me.”

“I get depressed when reading PPSP, but I understand everyone needs a place to vent. Just everyone know you are loved by your Father in heaven. Never forget that.”

“I used to be so depressed all the time.
I would complain about everything. Life just sucked. But now. . I look at everything on the positive side! (: and life is o much easier. I owe it to my best friend.. JesusJ”

“i hate it when people post crap on their profiles like: god is our savior! he is our father! believe in him!

“I'm a Christian.

Lately, when my other Christian friends talked about God a lot, it would annoy me for some reason.
And I find myself indentifying much more with my un-saved friends.
Also, a hint of doubt has been put in my mind about God.
I don't feel as close with Jesus as I did before. And I hate it.”

“My mom makes me go to Church every Sunday. She's forcing me to make my Confirmation. It means a lot to her, so I put on a brave face and go along with it. The truth is, I stopped believing in God a long time.”

“I don't believe in god.
One kid finds out, so the whole school is trying to convert me now.
I just want to scream, 'Back the fuck off!'“

why the fuck are you imposing your religious beliefs on me through the internet? get a life…”

“All my life, church has been the only place I feel like I can be myself without being judged. But today, I was put into tears for being yelled at for everything that's out of my control. I'm terrified that I'm losing my only safe haven, and I don't know what to do about it.”

“my brother admitted he is an atheist. i knew it but it killed me to hear him say it.”

“I don't believe in God, and I'm fine.
Don't pity me.”


Poly Postsecret Panel

“I wish I knew who made the Poly PostSecret Panel account because I think we'd be great friends.”

“i just want you know that i've bookmarked your polyvore page, because you inspire me that much J”

“I think this thing hates me... Because they never post my secret L”

“when i read all these secrets are realize how sad everyone is nowaday.”

“when i fav a set on PPsP it's not because i think the sets pretty, or something. it's cause i'm secretly agreeing with the secret.”

“I read the secrets on PPS and I swear half of the people could be my best friend. Too bad I don't know them outside of the internet.”

“I am obsessed with Poly Postsecret Panel.
I love reading and knowing these secrets because they are the only ones I am ever told.

No one ever tells me anything. Ever.”

“I submitted my secret, and thought people would be harsh about it. I read the comments and I wanted to cry. People are really there for me, and now I've never felt better.”

“every PPsP set has an average of 2O-3O faves.
let's pretend i make an exact set on my account.
it wouldn't get even 1O faves.
that fucking freaks me out.”

“i kind of wish ppsp would put the title of the secret as the title of the set. That way, when the ppsp page gets crowded, i can look up my secret set to look at it again, or maybe see the updated responses.”

“I look at the secrets on the crushtag way more often than I do the actual polyvore post panel.”

“i've written so many secrets here that when i see a new set in PPsP and i feel represented with that secret, i start thinking that maybe i wrote it.”

“i dont really want to tick anonymous”

“The only reason, I don't quit polyvore,
is for polypostsecret.”

“This thing sucks whenever I post a secret, they never put it up!!! ARG!! &%^$ it.”

“one of my secrets was finally made into a set. it made me feel important”

“I hate how these 'secrets' have changed so much. Now it just seems like people whining about their day. What happened to the real secrets?”

“Whenever I see one of those happy, light, carefree secrets on here, I smile. I love these secrets. And I hate the ones about depression, suicide, or cheating. They pop up, one after the other, and they're nothing different.
But then, does that make me a terrible person?”

“Dear PPSP;
I submit secrets daily,
I can't help but feel a little guilty that i'm crowding up your crush tag, but letting my feelings out, knowing they'll get noticed without being judged, is almost addicting, and I can't quit, so instead, i'm saying sorry.”

“I sort of wish I didn't know who ran PPsP. I liked the anonymity. (Not to bash you guys, I totally love you.)”

“I look through all of the secrets just looking for mine or looking for ways they apply to me because I want to find all the faults of me.”

“when my first secret was publish as a set, i was excited :) :) then i read it. and i remembered how horrible my life was..”

“Seeing my secrets on here made me feel sad, like I just lost my identity. That's not what was supposed to happen.”

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little about me:

i've never been one for telling people everything, but
im not sure i actually have alot of secrets worth putting up here
something about the sharing of other people's secrets though
it just makes me feel like i'm finally doing SOMETHING worthwhile
it makes me feel like, by displaying these secrets to the world
im maybe helping them, in some small way.
but i guess thats not really about ME is it?
well i'm a person, a 15 year old person
who lives in north carolina
but i havent lived here for very long
i spent my real childhood in san diego, california
i live on Cranrazz smoothies, sushi and smarties
ummm i love music of course, tho i cant play it at all!
mostly alternative, emo, electric, and screamo stuff
im a diverse individual :]
but i dont really fit into a set social group
im.. undefinable
also im attracted to skaters
not exactly sure why
i've broken a few hearts,
and had mine broken once.
its still a little broken..
but i love easily
and laugh easily
i like adventure
and exploration
i wont leave the house without make up
but i'll also scale a 200ft cliff face
im a belivere in karma and fate
i always wish at 11:11
im half jewish half catholic but not religious really
my parents are still together tho i cant stand either of them
i have a brother 2 years younger but we arent very close
i have one bestfriend, but she doesnt go to my school
i dont like school much
but i try really hard to keep a positive attitude
sometimes too hard
i cry myslfto sleep alot,
but who does.
shit happens, it just does.
but its okay
i have alot of hope in the future
and i just really adore life
anddd well,
what else about me.. i go to camp every summer
its a truly amazing experience every time
i recomend it to anyone and everyone
like.. at camp, all these secrets,
you can actually tell people,
and they wont judge you
thats actually what lead me to post secret
and from that to polyvore post secret
and now here i am, helping you share your secrets
im danielle, by the way :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.
David Starr Jordan.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thought for the day:

is Beautiful.
Why be like
else, when
you can be