Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little about me:

i've never been one for telling people everything, but
im not sure i actually have alot of secrets worth putting up here
something about the sharing of other people's secrets though
it just makes me feel like i'm finally doing SOMETHING worthwhile
it makes me feel like, by displaying these secrets to the world
im maybe helping them, in some small way.
but i guess thats not really about ME is it?
well i'm a person, a 15 year old person
who lives in north carolina
but i havent lived here for very long
i spent my real childhood in san diego, california
i live on Cranrazz smoothies, sushi and smarties
ummm i love music of course, tho i cant play it at all!
mostly alternative, emo, electric, and screamo stuff
im a diverse individual :]
but i dont really fit into a set social group
im.. undefinable
also im attracted to skaters
not exactly sure why
i've broken a few hearts,
and had mine broken once.
its still a little broken..
but i love easily
and laugh easily
i like adventure
and exploration
i wont leave the house without make up
but i'll also scale a 200ft cliff face
im a belivere in karma and fate
i always wish at 11:11
im half jewish half catholic but not religious really
my parents are still together tho i cant stand either of them
i have a brother 2 years younger but we arent very close
i have one bestfriend, but she doesnt go to my school
i dont like school much
but i try really hard to keep a positive attitude
sometimes too hard
i cry myslfto sleep alot,
but who does.
shit happens, it just does.
but its okay
i have alot of hope in the future
and i just really adore life
anddd well,
what else about me.. i go to camp every summer
its a truly amazing experience every time
i recomend it to anyone and everyone
like.. at camp, all these secrets,
you can actually tell people,
and they wont judge you
thats actually what lead me to post secret
and from that to polyvore post secret
and now here i am, helping you share your secrets
im danielle, by the way :)

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